Please Note:

Terms and conditions are in place for any hire big or small, a copy of the terms and conditions will be sent to you on booking a hire along with a copy of your invoice.


  1. From herein, the following terms are defined as follows:
    • a)"Hirer" - The individual, company or organisation that has entered into a Hire Agreement for the supply of Equipment from the Owner.
    • b)"Owner" – JB Sounds
    • c)"Equipment" - Items of sound, lighting, video or other technical apparatus, be they electrical items or otherwise, supplied by the Owner to the Hirer in terms of the Hire Agreement.
    • d)"Hire Agreement" - The agreement for the supply of the Equipment by the Owner to the Hirer as set out below and on our website: .
  2. Hire charges run from the date of delivery of the Equipment until the date of return unless a prior agreement has been made with the Owner.
  3. Payment is due on or before the date of hire.  
    • a)Failure to pay within the required time period will result in an additional fee of £10 per subsequent week until full payment has been received.
    • b)A prior arrangement of a later payment date may be made between the Owner and the Hirer before the 14 days of the invoice date have elapsed.  Failure to pay any outstanding monies owed after an agreed date will be dealt with in accordance with 3(a) until all payments have been cleared.
    • c)In addition to this, any discount applied will be made void if payment has not been received.
    • d) A £30 deposit is required to confirm any hire booking, by paying the deposit you agree to the terms and conditions of hire.
  4. Where the Hirer cancels a confirmed booking the Owner reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee.
    • a)If cancelled on the day of hire 50% of the full hire charge will be payable.  Within 2 days of the hire, 25% of the hire charge will be payable. 
    • b)Charges for labour are subjected to this hire agreement and will be charged as per above cancellation charges in 4(a).
    • c) If a hire is cancelled within 14 days of the date of hire the deposit is non refundable.
  5. Any times of delivery given shall be regarded as an estimate only and the Owner accepts no liability for delays incurred in the execution of this service by whatsoever cause or for any losses incurred as a result of such delays.
  6. Delivery/collection of equipment is to/from the desired location of equipment use.  All equipment is set up and broken down fully by owner as standard; this is not an optional extra and must be executed in full by the owner.  The owner accepts no responsibility for any injury or loss to persons or property if the hirer assembles or disassembles any equipment.
  7. The Equipment remains the property of the Owner at all times.
  8. The Hirer assumes full responsibility for the Equipment once it has been left by the owner until the owner returns to collect the equipment.
  9. The Hirer shall indemnify the Owner for any damage and/or loss to the Equipment regardless of the cause.  The cost of this will be payable within 14 days of the date of hire.
  10. The Hirer or anyone acting for or on behalf of the Hirer shall not modify the Equipment in any way.
  11. The Owner shall not be made liable for any damage caused to equipment not supplied by the Owner by the Hirer and/or their employees or agents connecting such equipment to the Equipment supplied by the Owner and/or a third party appointed by the Owner.
  12. The Hirer shall ensure that the use of the Equipment will only be carried out by properly trained and competent personnel. The Owner accepts no liability in respect of damage to personnel or property whilst the Equipment is on hire to the Hirer.
  13. All Equipment is checked before the Owner leaves the equipment on the premises of the hirer. In the event of a defect, however, the Owner's liability shall be limited to replacing and/or repairing the defective component.  The Owner shall not be held liable for any damage or defect caused by negligent handling other than by its staff or agents or for any damage to the Equipment resulting after delivery.