Looking for a PA system which can cater for small outdoor or  large indoor  events?

Here at JB Sounds we can provide PA hire, Lighting hire and Sound Engineering services for large indoor events and small outdoor festivals.

Our aim is to provide a professional service for all large events with our team of engineers making the process of providing sound and light reliable and hassle free.  We can provide a crew of 2 or 3 to run and maintain the stage, PA and lighting, with years of experience within the team, over many genres and types of live sound work, you can be sure that your event will run smoothly from the get go.  

Below are examples of set ups available, be sure to get in touch to discuss a package tailored to your needs.

 Large stage set up for bands/acts for an evening show or festival layout

This includes:

- EV T252 Stage System PA
- Mixing desk with FX (16 - 32 channels)
- Wedge Monitors (up to 4)
- Stage Box
- Microphones, Stands + DI Boxes (Vocal, guitar, Drum kit etc)

- Basic Colour wash Stage Lighting with Smoke

Sound Engineering Services
Stage Crew Services 

Photos included are for reference only

DJ Setup for small outdoor/large marquee/indoor use

Photos included are for reference only

This includes:

- EV T252 Stage System PA
- Mixing desk
- Microphone,
- Stage fill monitors
- Booth (if required)

Lighting Rig:

- Sound Active Colour wash lights
- Disco style/strobe lights
- Lasers 
- Smoke Machine
- Trussing or Tbars (depending on room size)

Get in touch to discuss your event and for a personalised quote!