Basic Package

2x QTX QR15A + stands, mixing desk (up to 16 channel if required), 2 wired vocal microphones, 2 mic stands, all cables required.

Don't need 2 mics?

We can swap a mic for a DI box free of charge, or add a DI box to the package for a mere £5!

Photos included are for reference only

 The basic package is perfect for solo artists, duo's or small bands wanting more sound than our Acoustic Package. This package can be used to push out the sound of you're small acoustic band or is perfect for a band that needs a PA to work alongside their own back line which will push out clear vocals. 

As this package is the next step up from the Acoustic Package, it contains 2x QTX QR15A active speakers, an Allen & Heath Mixwizard WZ 16:2 FX mixing desk, 2 Vocal Microphones and all the cables and stands required. The Allen & Heath Mixwizard is one of the top analogue desks to have in the industry as it is extremely easy to use 16 channel mixer with built in switchable effects, 4 aux sends for monitors, 2 stereo channels along with lots more features. This package is ideal for various kinds of live situations especially those within a pub or a venue that can cater for an audience of 0-50 people. 

If you do not require 2 vocal microphones but need something else? Get in Touch and we may be able to swap items for you from the additional extras to give you exactly what you require. (This depends on which items and the availability of these item on your requested dates)  

If you want more low end from your sound, we recommend adding subs to the set up; have a look at our Basic Band Package for more details.