A Live stereo recording of the event is available on request for a price of £10.

This will include the audio being EQ'd and quality checked before sending as an mp3.

(wav files are also available)

The audio can also be cut up into separate tracks upon request.

Feel free to get in touch for more information.

Thrift Shop Cover Live (Attic Bar Open mic 2014) - Megan Tuck + Adelle Gale 

Thrift Shop - Megan + Adelle.lite.mp3

Pinball Wizard Cover Live (Guild Hall ST Ives 2014) - Who's Who (Tribute band) 

Pinball Wizard - Who's Who (Guild Hall St Ives).lite.mp3

Rather Be (Acoustic Cover) - Frankie Roa

Rather Be - Frankie Roa draft.lite.mp3