DIY  Party Package

2 15" QTX Active speakers with 1 15" 1000w QTX Active sub woofer, Stands, 4 channel mixer, 1 sm58 vocal microphone, AUX cable and all cables required.

Package also includes 4 LED disco style/colour wash lights, (with multiple settings including beat sensitive) T-bar and stand.

Add a smoke machine for just £10 to give the lights the extra effect for your event!

Looking for a bigger set up? Click below!

Photos included are for reference only

 Our easy to set up and great quality DIY Party package is ideal to get the party started in any smallvenue with up to 100 people. 

This package contains 2 QTX QR15A Active speakers and 1 15" QTX QBL15A Active sub to ensure that the music can be heard by all of your guests.  An Alesis multimix 8 FX mixing desk is provided with cables so any DJ system or iPod/MP3 player/phone can be connected without any prior knowledge or experience. 4 sound active disco style LED lights are included in this package to ensure that the right atmosphere is created within the venue.  1 vocal microphone for the DJ/Host and all stands and cables required are also provided.

If you feel you need more speakers or lights then be sure to Get In Touch with us and we can help you figure out the set up that will cater for your event.